(Note : This is not really a guild website, but the application process for guild membership and courtesies mentioned can be used when applying for any guild. Other guilds may point you to their website to go through additional application steps. You can always check the DDO forums under the section for your sever to find guilds that are recruiting.  We might in the future establish websites for each of the guilds.)

DDO University has a guild on all eight of the servers. Anyone is welcome to join and stay for as long or short a time as they want to as long as they obey the Code of Conduct. To join a DDO University guild on your server, you will need an invitation from one of our officers. This invitation can be made directly if both you and the officer are online at the same time, or mailed to you using in game mail.

Some officers will put advertisements in the general chat channel and you can right click on their name and send them a tell. If you are in a party with a DDO University guild member, you can ask if they are an officer or if an officer is online and not busy. (Guild members can bring up the social panel with the ‘O’ key, select the guild tab, and click on the word “Rank” to find out who is an officer, whether they are online, and if they are in a quest. It is preferred that guild members use guild chat first to find an officer who is not busy, instead of immediately using a tell).

If you are not in a party with a guild member, and don’t see one wandering around in a public area, you can find out if any  University guild members are online (but not if they are an officer) by doing the following:

  • Open the Social Panel using the ‘O’ key or by finding it in the main menu (located in the lower left of the screen)
  • Select the WHO tab
  • Click the Search button without setting any criteria
  • Click on the word “Guild” above the last column to sort the list alphabetically by guild membership
  • Scroll the list until you find members of the guild on that server (there may not be any online). They will be near the beginning or end of the capital D portion of the list depending on whether you have a forward or backward sorted list.
  • Look below the member’s name in the first column to see where they currently are
  • Click on an appropriate name
  • Click on the Tell button near the bottom of the window
  • Type your message and hit Enter
  • When continuing a conversation with a member who replies, type /r followed by a space and then your message, and finally the Enter key.

Whether you are a guild member or not, when contacting a University guild member about membership, please try to wait until they are in a public area. If you do send them a tell, realize that the maybe be AFK (Away From Keyboard), or otherwise busy, with lots of things scrolling by in the chat window. Please be courteous and don’t send them repeated tells in a short span of time.

When you are contacted by an officer, you will need to have read the Code of Conduct and be prepared to agree to it. If all else fails, you can send mail to the leader of the guild (called the Dean), stating that you understand and agree to abide by the Code of Conduct. The account the Dean is tied to is only an administrative account, and mail to it may not be checked for several days. (Note : There are mailboxes in most public areas, but not in Korthos Village, the tutorial area you start out in.)

Server Dean Guild
Argonnessen Deanargonnes DDO University Argonnessen
Cannith Deancannith DDO University Cannith
Ghallanda Deanghalland DDO University Ghallanda
Khyber Deankhyber DDO University Khyber
Orien Deanorien DDO University Orien
Sarlona Deansarlona DDO University Sarlona
Thelanis Deanthelanis DDO University Thelanis
Wayfinder Deanwayfinde DDO University Wayfinder
Note: Some dean names do not contain the full text of the server name due to a 12 character limit

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