Code of Conduct

While you belong to a DDO University guild and/or use a DDO University chat channel, please follow these rules:

1) Obey the Code of Conduct , EULA, and Terms of Service as written by Turbine.

2) Be polite no matter what the provocation. If you are too upset to be polite, ignore it by not talking to the instigator. Feel free to use /squelch add <player name> so that tells and other messages from the offending player are filtered out. Any issue you feel you cannot handle in this manner should be brought to an officer.

3) Be respectful. Trolling, personal attacks, disparaging remarks, ridicule, etc. will not be tolerated, even if the other party is not a DDO University member and exhibits such behavior towards you or the University.

4) Keep it clean. Unless you are 100% certain that all the people you are talking to or can see what you type are adults and have used “off color” language before, do not say anything using voice chat or type anything that the chat filter would censor. DDO is played by people of all ages, nationalities and beliefs. If you don’t think a grade school teacher would say it to a young student, then you shouldn’t either. This applies to all chat channels you are in, from general to guild to party, and even a tell between you and another player.

5) Exhibit patience and understanding when chatting with other guild members or running quests with them. Remember that the focus on the University is on learning to play and enjoy the game. You will likely have things to teach each other if you  take the time. Please try to extend this courtesy to others as well.

6) When using guild chat channels, you can socialize, but should keep non-game related interaction to a minimum. Discussions about how someone’s dog is feeling after surgery should probably be taken to using tells after a sentence or two. Please avoid things like opinions on politics, religion, race, etc. altogether.

7) If/when you leave DDO University, and you continue to use other University chat channels, please do not tell other people about them. We want anyone who joins our other chat channels to agree to this Code of Conduct before joining. Having other people join who don’t follow the code would likely result in password protecting the channels and frequently changing the password, which would be a headache for us and all users of those channels.

8) Ignorance of any detail in the CoC (Code of Conduct) is not a valid excuse for violating it, and we want to give everyone fair warning and an opportunity to study it closely. When you agree to following the CoC in mail to the Dean or communication with a University guild officer, you will need to tell them you know the current CoC code word and what it is. You will not be prompted to do so. Please do not tell others that the current CoC code word is vanilla, that they can find it in this part of the CoC, or that it is a requirement when agreeing to follow the CoC.

9) By agreeing to this Code of Conduct you are agreeing to at any time, upon request by a University staff member,
surrender all your platinum and best gear, delete your favorite toon, swab the airship deck with you tongue and
become a slave to the kobolds in the Stormreach sewers. See, aren’t you glad you read all of the Code of Conduct?
But seriously, while all the rules may seem a little strict and over the top, DDO staff are all volunteers. We
would like them to spend all their time teaching and helping, and none of it telling people that they have violated
the CoC and that ignorance of anything in the CoC is not a valid excuse. The rules are their to make the staff’s
life easier and to make sure everyone has a good time. So when someone from the staff asks if you have read the
Code of Conduct, make sure you understand it all, especially about how to treat others, and are able to respond
correctly. As one of the rules implies, just saying something like “Yes, I’ve read it.” won’t suffice. You may be
asked to look it over carefully again if you’ve obviously missed something.


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