DDO University is currently a work in progress.  The basic idea is for DDO University to be a player run organization with the goal of trying to enrich the playing experience and community of those who play Dungeons and Dragons Online through education and research. All participants who will help run it are to be volunteers who will donate some of their time to help out, but still play the game for their own enjoyment.

One of the core principles of DDO University is that there is no one “best” way to play the game. However you want to enjoy the game is fine as long as you do not intentionally try to detract from another player’s enjoyment. We hope to be able to provide facts about how the game works to those who wish to learn, and introduce ideas on how to play and enjoy the game to everyone.

Post and articles on this site will tend to be wordy. This is in an effort to be complete, accessible to new players, and allow them to be read in any order without having to jump between them for explanations. If you already know a lot about the game, then you might want to check the DDO Wiki, listed in the Library under Other Resources. However, there might be bits of information in the posts and articles that you might not be aware of, as well as a different perspective on topics.


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