Chat Box

Looking back, this is probably the first blog post I should have made. There are often people playing DDO at the same time you are that are willing to offer help and advice. But if you are a new player and have only re-sized the Chat Box and maybe moved it, you might not get any help or advice until you are a little more aware of how it works.


The default Chat Box has 4 tabs, and starts you out on the General tab. Depending on where you are located and what you are doing, typing into it and reading from it can be useful, or just downright frustrating. ┬áIf you type something in the General tab and don’t get a response, it doesn’t mean everyone on the entire server is ignoring you. In fact, the General tab defaults to the general channel which is localized to your area. And there are lots of different areas. So what you type there is only available to be seen by those in the same area you are. And if they leave your area, they can no longer communicate with you in the general channel. However there are other reasons why someone might not see what you type there.

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