Building up DDO U

I started a thread in the DDO forums on August 4th, located here :

In an addendum to it (post #4), I ask what the next step should be. I have yet to receive any advice on the subject, so am by default going to try to build up the guild DDO University Cannith since I did get one volunteer to help run it. I have been rather busy with Real Life as of late, but am going to try to fit in an hour here and there to recruit students and staff for it, as well as run quests with new players using my Pickpocket Priest. There will be a server specific post in the DDO forums in the Cannith section that links to this blog entry (the link to which is provided at the bottom of this).

If you are interested in helping out run DDO U, or just helping new players out who join the University, then you will probably want to read the thread mentioned at the beginning of this and the blog post it links to (which should be below this one). Several follow ups to that post have mentioned establishing a chat channel, and I have decided to do so. If you want to join it, please PM me on the DDO forums, or send in game mail to the Dean toon listed on the Guilds page. But do consider making a low level toon and joining the guild. You could switch to it when you see an LFM for a low level quest and help out in guild chat while running the quest. Whether you become an officer or not is up to you. At this point the only duty an officer has is to recruit and help new players after insuring they have read the Code of Conduct which you will need to do, even if all you want to do is join the user chat channel.

If you are a new student on Cannith, welcome. We are trying to build the guild up as fast as we can. Hopefully we will have other students you can run quests with while you are online, but you should also run with people outside the University. There will be a chance that some helpful people will be in your group. If you don’t know about them already, be sure to read the blog post on LFMs. You can learn DDO as fast or as slow as you want to. For some people its just enjoyable to play your character up to a certain level and the delete it and start a toon (which is what some people call a character) that is a different class that you haven’t played yet. But at some point you will want to start reading up on the game. Hopefully we will have more contributors soon to the blog here on the University website so that you can read one every now and then to learn a little more about the game. But if you are in a hurry, be sure to check out the Wiki and other links in the Library under Other Resources. But mainly, have fun and enjoy DDO however you want to. If you stay with it, there’s a lot of richness in how you can build your toons, as well as lots of interesting quest, raids, wilderness areas and loot.

The DDO forums post that links to this blog entry is :


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