Making your own stuff

Ever see a piece of loot in a chest, the Auction House, or at a pawn shop and think something like, “I could use that if it was a ring instead of a pair of gloves.” You might already be a higher level and moved on to better things before you see the ring you wanted. But in DDO there is no need to wait to find that ring you’re looking for, if you take the time to learn how to craft it.

There are many types of crafting in DDO. For a list of them, look at:

Crafting can either be the creation of new magical items, or the upgrading of them. You first have to acquire the ingredients, and in the case of upgrading, the magical item to be upgraded. There are lots of different ingredients that can be acquired via quests, raids and wilderness areas. There are also challenges where the amount of ingredients are based on a score of how well you do in the limited time allotted. You may end up having to repeat your quest/raid/wilderness hunt/challenge, multiple times to get enough of an ingredient. You might also have to do different ones to get all the ingredients required. And all of this will be just to perform one crafting operation.But for this posting we’ll be focusing on Cannith Crafting, where you can use the magic on items from loot and end rewards to craft a lot of different things.

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